Our story begins with a simple desire to make hand-crafted, high-quality leather goods offered at honest and straight-forward prices. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is reflected in our name, Moody.  The work ethic we pride ourselves in today began generations ago with my grandparents - Moody & Thelma Taylor. They both served their country during World War II and continued to serve America by dedicating their lives to working for the government and raising cattle. After the war, many farmers and ranchers needed guidance.  My grandad was there to lend his expertise and a helping hand. Moody is far more than a name, it’s a legacy. We still do business the same way they did - with a handshake guarantee. In short, we pledge hands-on personal attention in everything we craft for our customers - our greatest pride and priority.


We’re intentional in our designs, meticulous in our work and obsessive over what makes it to our customers. Learn more about our process...


As Moody’s continues to grow, my vision for the brand will remain the same - I believe in the art of making fine, handcrafted leather goods while offering honest pricing and excellent service. - Miles


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ”


Moody’s shop dogs are at the shop every day keeping us company while we are making your handmade products. There is nothing better than getting support from your best friends while doing what you love.

Lulu, the one on the left, is a rescue from a dog fighting facility in Texas. Lulu is one of the kindest and loving dogs that we have ever had. During the day, you can find her under the table at the shop or rolling in front of customers for a free belly scratch.

Dixie was rescued when she was about six months old. She isn't your average working dog and occasionally takes leisurely strolls to visit our shop neighbors next door.